Together with our tech partners Touch and Pay Technologies, App Global Limited, Patos and Tecmavens, we have developed several tech products that are innovative enough to disrupt the tech space globally.

Revenue Assurance: We Use our Revenue Assurance Technology to block all revenue leakages for our clients. The most significant success of our partner Touch and Pay technology in this direction is the Lagos State Cowry card which Lagos State has used to block all revenue leakages in the state government-owned transportation business. We have also deployed our revenue assurance to Nigerian Army Hospitals, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, and other institutions.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Hospitals are fast going paperless; our EMR solution completely automates hospital operations and makes them as seamless as possible. We have deployed this technology at the 68 Nigerian Army Reference Hospitals in Yaba and the Ojo Cantonment Medical hospital in Lagos. Together with our partner App Global Nigerian Limited, we have deployed our EMR technology at FMCs Ebute-Meta, Lokoja, and several other Federal, State, and private hospitals.

School Management Software: Our school Management Solution digitalizes the operations and management of schools. It has four interfaces.
The School Administration Interface from here, the school management allocates teachers and students to classes and subjects, sets school grading systems, promotes students, etc.

Teacher Interface: The teacher sets examination questions and tests, takes attendance, and manages classes.

Students Interface: The students take virtual lectures and respond to tests and examinations.
Parents Interface: The parents get the results of their children.

Smart Card for Payments: Our Near Frequency Cards can be branded into Identity Cards and be used in schools, hospitals, and any other ecosystem. These cards can be used to make payments and store electronic records in schools, hospitals, and other institutions. We have capacity to develop any digital solution for any business or institution.


Our Partners:
Touch and Pay Technologies
App Global Limited

Our Clients:
Nigerian Army
Nigerian Army Medical Corps
68 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, Yaba
Ojo Cantonment Medical Center Ojo.
Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital Navy Town, Ojo
Nigerian Army Education Corps
Command Secondary School Ipaja.